The First Post


I’m Spencer – corporate audio engineer, intercom tech, RF coordinator, general audio tech nerd. The purpose of this blog will be to share my adventures in audio engineering, perhaps present some tech questions, or handy tricks as they come up from gig to gig. Whether it’s the many ways to configure a Behringer S16 or two (or three),  intercom tricks and problems or just console reviews (and rants).

img_2293Three weeks ago I got to spend two days up close and personal with the new Avid S6L. The guest engineer who requested it was very knowledgeable and I got to know the desk all the way down to the smallest details (Certainly I have more to learn, but I even got down to snapshot cues with timecode triggers – Felt good).

One week ago I had a lovely run in with the “backup Mode” on a Venue Profile. Which turned out to be the product of non-waves plugins being run within the guest engineer’s console file. The guest engineer was a good sport and said he would look into his file for these discrepancies. Two hours of research between manuals, speaking to experienced engineer friends and direct Avid support. It seems handy to have a history of these instances, for reference later.

Today, though, I am playing dominoes with the Fam, and just laid down a glorious 20pt. It’s good to have a slow week from time to time. 🙂


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